How it work?
This is how we work with you in effort to make the best work.

Consulting & Analysis

We pride ourselves on our ability to get in to a clients mindset, take a grasp on their initial concepts to help guide, develop and enhance them in to a great final end product, be that with launching a website or creating new tools

Sprint Planning

Our team study your requirements and we search for the feasible way to solve it.
We look to point out and provide the best solutions available in order to make the work be as productive and effective as is possible.


The solutions we made are coded with the last standards of the W3, the architecture of our code is clean and expandable.
Even bad code can function, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. But it doesn't have to be that way with us.

Enjoy it

Your effort, wishes and work at the end has his rewards.
Your company has the new website or tool that need and you and your employers can enjoy more of your work and be more productive.

Conreco code

Conreco brings to every client all the stuff they need.
Here we show some of them.

Clear Documentation

For every project we provide a documentation of the product, for use it and also for expand the resource.

Monitoring & Support

The things didn't finish when your product is released, after this, we provide you support for your questions or problems.

Social Networking

We provide solutions to expand your business with your clients and search newopportunities in the market.

Enterprise Identity

Are you new in this world of internet? Are you searching for a new and fresh face of your business? We can make something for you.

Some awesome technologies we've had the pleasure to work with

.Net Visual Studio
Html - Css
Sql Server